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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Kara Korean Female Group Cute and Chic

Kara is a new korean girl group, focus in pop genre. They made their debut with the first ablum “Blooming” released on March 29 2007.This group members are extremely cute and fashionable with chic style.
Kara is just another korean female group which already exists such as Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, SeeYa, and so more. Many peoples said that Kara is the new of Korean former famous girl band “FinKL”.
Kara personal profile :
박규리 -Park Gyu Lee (leader)
Bday: 05/21/1988
Hobbies/Talents: Writing, Movie watching/Singing&acting
한승연-Han Seung Yeon
Bday: 07/24/1988
Hobbies/Talent: Writing, Music / Singing&Dance
김성희-Kim Sung Hee
Bday: 05/17/1989
Hobbies/Talent: Dance, Music, Movie watching/Singing
정니콜-Jung Nicole
Bday: 10/07/1991
Hobbies/Talent: Violin & Movies/ Dance
Kara photos and gallery:
Park Gyu Lee
Park Gyu Lee
Kim Sung Hee
Kim Sung Hee
Han Seung Yeon
Han Seung Yeon
Jung Nicole
Jung Nicole

2NE1 group profile

2NE1 is one of South Korea’s most popular girl groups, with hit songs like Fire, I Don’t Care, Try To Follow Me, and Go Away etc.
Korean pop group 2ne1 picture
The group name 2NE1 (pronounced as To-Anyone or Twenty-One) stands for 21st Century New Evolution. The four members of 2NE1 are CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy. Check out 2NE1 members profile for more individual details.

4minute group profile

4minute is a popular South Korean girl group.
Korean pop group 4minute picture
4minute made their official debut in June 2009 with single Hot Issue, followed by a mini-album For Muzik in August. The five members of 4minute are Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna and Sohyun. Check out 4minute members profile.

f(x) group profile

(x) is a South Korean girl group which made their official debut in 2009. Some of their hit songs include Danger, NU ABO and Chu~ etc.
Korean girl group f(x)
The five members of f(x) are Victoria Song, Amber Liu, Luna Park, Sulli Choi and Krystal Jung. Check out f(x) member profiles for more individual details.

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) group profile

Girls’ Generation is one of South Korea’s most popular female pop groups. The girls are well known across Asia with hit songs like Gee, Genie, Oh, and Hoot etc.
Korean pop group Girls Generation picture
Girls’ Generation is often referred to as Soshi, or SNSD by international fans – abbreviation of the group’s Korean name, So Nyeo Shi Dae (소녀시대, or So Nyuh Shi Dae). The nine members of Girls’ Generation are Hyoyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Sunny, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yoona and Yuri. Check out SNSD member profiles.

Kara group profile

Korean girl group Kara picture

The five members of KARA are Park Gyuri, Han Seung-yeon, Nicole Jung, Koo Hara and Kang Ji-young. Check out Kara members profile.
KARA made their debut as a four member group with album First Blooming in March 2007. The group was reshuffled when Sunghee left in February 2008, with two new members Hara and Ji-young being brought in to form the current five member group. The new team released a mini-album Rock U in July.
KARA made their first major breakthrough in November with mini-album Pretty Girl, which include their first #1 hit song Honey, which shaped them up as one of the top female pop groups in South Korea.
KARA released their second full length album Revolution in July 2009. Its first trackMister (and the choreo) was a huge hit and was one of the songs of the year. The girls were also active with their very own variety shows Mnet Kara Metafriends and Kara Bakery etc. in 2009.
KARA released their third mini album Lupin in February 2010, which was also a huge hit. The girls opened their own online fashion mall Karaya in May; and they also became popular commercial models, featuring for Mistine cosmetic, Lesmore shoes, Hangame, and Ottogi food etc. (no longer contracted to some though).
KARA recorded We’re With You, a World Cup theme song in June. And they released their first Japanese single with a Japanese version of Mister in August which made it to the #5 spot on the authoritative Oricon weekly chart.
Check out Kara members personal profiles for more individual details.


CN Blue
CN Blue (씨엔블루) or Code Name Blue is Korean Indie Boy Band debuted on August 19 2009 in Japan with their first mini album Voice.
The members are consisted of Jung Yong Hwa (vocal and guitar), Lee Jong Hyun (Vocal, guitar), Lee Jung Shin (basist), Kang Min Hyuk (drums).
CN Blue always refered as 2nd F.T. Island because CN Blue are under the same management with F.T.Island. Likes another Korean Boyband members who also starring in Korean Drama, CN Blue members are also appearing in several Korean drama.
CN Blue
CN Blue oldest member Jung Yonghwa plays Kang Shinwoo in the boy-band idol drama,” You’re Beautiful” (미남이시네요), starring Park Shinhye, Jang Geunseok, and F.T Island’s Lee Hongki.
Being an indie band that debuted in Japan, they started with many rumors and accusations ahead of them. One of that was they were accused of plagiarism in their single ‘Loner’ as it sounds alike with the indie band Ynot’s song ‘BlueBird’. But the songwriter said that it wasn’t. Unfortunately, Ynot is planning to file a lawsuit against the songwriter of ‘Loner’, saving the band from such disgrace. Although it’s ok now for the side of the band but the songwriter is facing the dilemma now. Netizens are thinking that maybe Ynot is riding the fame of C.N.Blue so they will be known too.
CN Blue
CN Blue in Japan Career
Around June 2009, CN Blue began making street performances and performing gigs in live clubs in Japan. They made their formal debut as an indie band in Japan with their all-English tracks first mini-album, Now or Never on August 19, 2009. On November 25, 2009, the band released their second mini-album, called
Voice, in Japan. The title track was recorded in Japanese while the rest are entirely in English.
It was announced on the band’s official blog site on February 1, that they are going to be holding a one-man live show on March 20 in celebration of the release of their first album, titled, Thank U. A preview of their title track “” was posted on their official MySpace in late February.
CN Blue
They are set to release their first Japanese single, titled, “The Way” on June 23, 2010 in Japan. The single will contain three tracks.
CN Blue
CN Blue in South Korea Career
It was revealed in January 2010 that CN Blue will make their official debut in South Korea with a debut mini-album, Bluetory, on January 14, 2010. It was also announced that teasers featuring each of the four members will be released on different dates. On January 7 (Korean time), a MV teaser was released on
their official site, featuring the band’s formerly stated Lee Jong Hyun with the band’s new song, “I’m a Loner” (외톨이야). Drummer Kang Minhyuk’s teaser was released on January 8. On January 11 and January 13 MV teasers for Jungshin and Yonghwa was released respectively.
The day before their official debut, they held their first fan showcase to a large group of fans. On January 14, the band released their debut mini-album and took the number one spot on the Mnet real time charts, along with the second spot on the Hanteo charts. They are the only rookie group to do so in 2010,
beating out fellow rookies, ZE:A and F.Cuz. The group made their live debut stage at KBS Music Bank on January 15. They took the #1 spot on album sales charts and all music charts five days into their debut.
CN Blue
On January 29′s episode of Music Bank, the group won their first K-Chart with their hit song, “I’m a Loner.” They then won their first Mutizen award on SBS Inkigayo on the 31st.
In April, the band’s official fanclub was named BOICE, which is a combination of Blue and Voice. In early May, FNC Music announced that the band will be coming back with their second mini-album on May 19, 2010. The title of the album was titled Bluelove and a track composed by Yonghwa, “Love Light” (사랑 빛) was unveiled on May 10th and then the MV teaser of his official single called “Love” was released on their official site on May 12th. They made their comeback stage on M! Countdown on the 20th.
CNBLUE 1st Mini Album – Bluetory
CN Blue
Dubbed the next FTIsland, Korean band CNBLUE debuted first in Japan last year, and now they’re finally releasing their Korean debut mini-album. The rock band is already well known in Korea due to the popularity of guitarist and vocalist Jung Yong Hwa, who shot to fame playing Kang Shin Woo in the Korean drama
You’re Beautiful. With an already famous frontman and three other members who are equally young, handsome, and talented, it’s no wonder that CNBLUE is expected to be the next big thing in Korea. Their first Korean mini-album Bluetory comes with five mellow rock ballads andalternative rock numbers including
the first plug “I’m a Loner” by hitmakers Kim Do Hoon and Lee Sang Ho, and the Korean versions of songs like Now or Never and Love Revolution from their Japan mini-albums.
CNBLUE 2nd Mini Album – Bluelove
CN Blue BlueLove
After storming to the top of the charts earlier in the year with their hit “I’m a Loner”, CNBLUE spreads the love with their highly anticipated second mini-album Bluelove. The six-track album continues the band’s alternative rock sound while also incorporating different styles like hip-hop. The title song LOVE is a cool modern rock number featuring a combination of acoustic and electric guitar sound, and a powerful rap section in the second half. Leader Yong Hwa wrote and composed two songs for the album, the laidback love song “Love Light” and funky rock number Tattoo. Drummer Min Hyuk shows his songwriting skills as well, penning the youthful rock tune Sweet Holiday. Bluelove also includes Let’s Go Crazy, whose original version was featured in their Japan Now or Never mini-album.
CN Blue
CN Blue Members Profile and Photos :
CN Blue Jung Yong Hwa
Jung Yong Hwa (정용화)
Japanese Name: ヨンファ
Position: Lead Vocal and Guitar
Date of Birth: June 22, 1989 (1989-06-22) (age 20)
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Appreciating music
Specialty: Clarinet, Beatbox
Attraction: Side teeth
On October 2009, Yong Hwa made his acting debut as Kang Shin Woo in the successful Korean idol-drama, You’re Beautiful.
CN Blue Lee Jong Hyun
Lee Jong Hyun (이종현)
Japanese Name: ジョンヒョン
Position: Guitarist, Vocalist
Date of Birth: May 15, 1990 (1990-05-15) (age 19)
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Appreciating music, exercising
Specialty: Judo
Attraction: Chic smile
Jonghyun was the former leader of the group. However, the title was switched to Yonghwa around the same time they debuted in Korea. When he was four years old, he moved to Japan with his parents and stayed for four years. He graduated from high school on February 2010.
CN Blue Kang Min Hyuk
Kang Min Hyuk (강민혁)
Japanese Name: ミンヒョク
Position: Drummer
Date of Birth: June 28, 1991 (1991-06-28) (age 18)
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Soccer, basketball
Specialty: Flute
Attraction: Smiling eyes
CN Blue Lee Jung Shin
Lee Jung Shin (이중신)
Japanese Name:
Position: Bassist, Rapper
Date of Birth: September 15, 1991 (1991-09-15) (age 18)
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 66kg
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Appreciating music
Specialty: Rap, Bass
Attraction: Eyes
CN Blue
CN Blue Discography
CN Blue Now Or never
1st Mini Album: Now or Never
Released: August 19, 2009
Track List :
1. Now or Never
2. Let’s Go Crazy
3. Love Revolution
4. Just Please
5. Teardrops in the Rain
CN Blue Voice
2nd Mini Album: Voice
Released: November 11, 2009
Track List :
1. Voice
2. Wanna Be Like U
3. Never Too Late
4. Y, Why
5. One of a Kind
CN Blue Bluetory
Mini Album Vol. 1: Bluetory
Released: January 14, 2010
Track List :
1. I’m a Loner
2. Love Revolution
3. Y, Why
4. Now or Never
5. I Will Forget You
CN Blue ThankU
1st Album: ThankU
Released: March 20, 2010
Track List :
1. Intro
2. Let’s Go Crazy
3. Love Revolution
4. Wanna Be Like U
5. Never too Late
6. Now or Never
7. Voice
8. Just Please
9. Y, Why…
10. Teardrops in the Rain
11. One of a Kine
CN Blue Blue Love
Mini Album Vol 2: BlueLove
Released: May 19, 2010
Track List :
2. Sweet Holiday
3. Black Flower
4. Tattoo
5. Love Light
6. Let’s Go crazy
CN Blue
CN Blue Photos :
CN Blue
CN Blue
CN Blue
CN Blue
CN Blue

Friday, 24 June 2011


Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun was involved in a car accident earlier this morning, suffering a contusion on his arm and leg, SM Entertainment (SME) said today. “Around 5AM on Friday Apr 08 2011 05:35 AM , Kyu Hyun was taken to a local hospital after crashing into a truck changing lanes. He was diagnosed with arm and leg contusions but no structural damages were found in his bones,” SME said through a statement. He is currently in a stable condition but is being closely examined in case of more serious problems .

Kyu Hyun was on his way to the southern city of Gwangju for his musical show, “The Three Musketeers,” but got hit by a truck around Jeong Eub, a small city near Gwnagju. Due to the injury, Kyu Hyun will not appear on Friday’s show. “The Three Musketeers” is Kyu Hyun’s first musical appearance as he was casted for the role of the main protagonist, D’Artagnan. :(

On April 8th, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was involved in a car accident, leading him to be slightly injured.
Later that day, SM Entertainment officially announced, “Kyuhyun was treated for injuries resulting from a car accident. In order to perform for his musical ‘The Three Musketeers‘, Kyuhyun was driving to Kwangju Cultural Arts Center at 5AM. As he was trying to merge into a different lane, he hit a truck, resulting in a minor collision. He had slight bruises on his leg and arm, but fortunately, his bones weren’t injured. He is currently undergoing a physical examination to check for more possible injuries.
In the late afternoon, Kyuhyun tried to reassure his fans by tweeting, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry“.
Actor Uhm Ki Joon replaced Kyuhyun for April 8th’s performance of ‘The Three Musketeers

Leeteuk's Proposal to Park Shin Hye, "Let's work as radio DJs together"

Super Junior member Leeteuk suggested to actress Park Shin Hye that they work as radio DJs together. 

Leeteuk and Park Shin Hye appeared alongside Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Min Jung on the recent filming of MBC 'Come to play-Fall special 1st series We have no lover.'

Park Shin revealed that her dream is to become a radio DJ. She commented, "I worked as a DJ temporarily and it was hard. I heard Leeteuk's radio and he's really good. I want to know his know how." Leeteuk who has been a radio DJ for 5 years replied, "if you do it with me, it won't be hard" which made everyone laugh. 

Also, when asked about Eunhyuk who is currently working as a DJ with him, Leeteuk said, "it's time for him to quit" which made everyone in the studio burst out laughing.

Park Shin Hye's answer to Leeteuk's couple DJ proposal and her feelings about Leeteuk will be aired on the 6th.

sungmin facts

1. Sungmin's first kiss is his closest friend Eunhyuk.
2. Sungmin's birthday is on New Year!! Remember to greet him on New Year!!
3. He loves accesories picked by the people he loves
4. He once thought about changing his style on pink.But when he opened his closet,he saw his clothes were mostly pink.He changed his mind 
5. Sungmin's closest friends during training (i think its up until now too) is Xiah Junsu and Eunhyuk
6. Sungmin showers together with Eunhyuk
7. One of Sungminnie's Aegyo schemes is to hold the piano and play it like a guitar.
8. While Sungmin was answering a 100 question questionaire, he was wearing white briefs
9. You would mostly see Sungmin at SM (not super mall guys), or at his house
10. Sungmin is really good in putting make-up on himself WITHOUT a mirror!
11. Sungmin likes the times with Eunhyuk. But he said that when he have a gf, we would love the times when he is with her.
12. Sungmin already kissed Eunhyuk for about 3-4 times.
13. Sungmin is crazy over PINK


01. Minho - SHINee (2494)
02. Jung Yong Hwa – C.N.Blue (2129)
03. G-Dragon – Big Bang (1774)
04. Jokwon – 2AM (1648)
05. Taecyeon – 2PM (1249)
06. Ki Kwang – Beast(1099)
07. Nichkhun – 2PM (1045)
08. Kim Hyun Joong – SS501 (1044)
09. Jonghyun – SHINee (886)
10. Dongho – U-Kiss (880)
11. Doojoon – Beast (843)
12. Onew – SHINee (699)
13. Key - SHINee (670)
14. Big Bang TOP (623)
15. Taemin – SHINee (561)
16. Hongki – FT Island (511)
17. Yunho – TVXQ (321)
18. Jaejoong – TVXQ (257)
19. Junsu – TVXQ (247)
20. Daesung – Big Bang (240)
21. MBLAQ Thunder (235)
22. Seungri – Big Bang (156)
23. Yoochun – TVXQ (156)
24. Heechul – Super Junior (148)
25. Siwon – Super Junior (145)
26. Kim Jun – T-Max (141)
27. Soohyun – U-Kiss (130)
28. Youngsaeng – SS501 (99)
29. Changmin – TVXQ (75)
30. Taeyang – Big Bang (67)

List of Fannames ^^

Super Junior - ELF
SHINee - Shawols
Beast - B2UTY
T-ara - Citrine
Kara - Kamilia
Infinite - Inspirits
Teen Top - Andromeda
After School - Playgirlz
4minute - 4nia
2PM - Hottest
Big Bang - VIP
Ze:a - Zea Style
CN Blue - Boice
Co-ed School - Classmates
F.cuz - F.cuzed
FT Island - Primadonna
SS501 - Triple S
U-kiss - KissMe
f(x) - Aff(x)tion
2NE1 - Blackjack

100 facts about kyuhyun

100 facts about kyuhyun

1. My name is CHO KYUHYUN.
2. I was born on February 03, 1988.
3. I am a Christian.
4. I graduated from KyungHee University.
5. I have one sibling, her name’s Cho Ahra.
6. I am the 13th member of Super Junior.
7. I am one of the main vocals of Super Junior.
8. I am the new dancing machine of Super Junior.
9. I have thousands of nicknames. GameKYU,EvilKYU, DramaKYU, VampireKYU, etc.
10. I like someone like Kim TaeHee noona.
11. I’m evil but my hyungs and fans love me anyway. :))
12. I have a big butt.
13. I am from Nowon, Seoul.
14. I love to play the clarinet.
15. I love Starcraft.
16. I am the most innocent person.
17. I am the maknae of the coolest boy band ever, Super Junior.
18. I am not a hyungwhore. The hyungs are ‘Kyuhyunwhore’.
19. I like Sung Si Kyung sunbaenim.
20. I once made a birthday wish to drop all the honorifics when I talk to my hyungs.
21. I am the master of every computer game, because I love them!
22. I am the third richest member of Super Junior. (I AM??? LOL!)
23. I am not a good cook but I like eating. Teukie & Kangin hyung taught me how but I still can’t do it.
24. I snore whenever I sleep.
25. My father wanted me to become a lawyer before.
26. I don’t play starcraft during my free time, I read books. I swear!
27. I love bullying my hyungs!
28. Sometimes, my butt feels like an eraser… very spongy!
29. It was rumored that I had a girlfriend named Park Haneul before.
30. I am sharp-tounged, witty, and sarcastic. Hell yeah, I’m evil \o/
31. DBSK’s Changmin is my bestfriend.
32. I am a genius!
33. One of my favorite movie soundtrack is “I believe” The OST for My Sassy Girl.
34. I am good at Mathematics.
35. My favorite Super Junior songs are “Believe” and “Disco Drive”.
36. My blood type is A.
37 Once, when I tried to fry ham, I added sesame oil instead of adding cooking oil.
38. I love Heechul hyung ‘coz he visited me everyday after the 2007 accident.
39. I played a character named D’ Artagnan in the Three Musketeers.
40. I am the third heaviest drinker in Super Junior.
41. I am handsome. I know it and I’m proud of it.
42. My father is the chairman of an association and my noona studies abroad.
43. I don’t only snore when I sleep, I also drool! LOL!
44. Before, I hanged my pants in front of my bed during Christmas eve, instead of my socks, because I want a bigger present from Santa.
45. Before my debut in Super Junior, I joined a singing contest and won 3rd place.
46. I have a glib tongue that no one can beat.
47. Jumong is one of my favorite dramas.
48. My favorite movie is “The Big Swindle”. And I also like the drama, “Lovers in Paris”
49. I play Stracraft, Diablo, Infinite Gaming, & Sudden Attack.
50. I love gelato and pizzas.
51. F(x)’s Victoria is my close noona.
52. I was bedless for 8 months in our dorm, thus the BED SONG.
53. The Hollywood movie, “The Greatest Game Ever Played” made me cry.
54. My motto is to “Not listen to others.”
55. I love wines.
56. I hate eating vegetables.
57. I love seafoods and pork chops.
58. I CAN RAP!!!!
59. I am Super Junior version of Kim Gura.
60. My female partner in gaming is SNSD’s Sunny.
61. I am the best gamer idol!
62. Sungmin hyung is my wife and is MINE!
63. I am an avid fan of SBS’ Secret Garden.
64. I had an accident in 2007, but it doesn’t matter now because I’m a strong man.
65. My Mandarin pronunciation is the best out of SJ-M members!
66. Aside from the clarinet, I can also play the Piano
67. I like Sung SiKyung sunbaenim’s “On The Street”.
68. I am also a member of Super Junior-KRY, Super Junior-M and SM the Ballad.
69. I don’t need to wear shoelifts. LOL!
70. I love snow!
71. I can’t speak English well, but my pronunciation is good!
72. I like Blue, Black and White.
73. My favorite Chinese word is ‘服務員’ (Fúwùyuán). It means ‘waiter’.
74. My father protected my dream of becoming a singer even if he was against it.
75. My Twitter account is @GaemGyu and my avatar is a cute purple egg.
76. Jal jinaenayo is also one of my favorite Sung SiKyung songs, I often sing it when I’m sad.
77. My mandarin pronounciation isn’t wrong. It’s Mandarin that is wrong. LOL!
78. I don’t tweet often because I’m busy bullying my hyungs.
79. Ryeowook hyung is the member that I love bullying the most.
80. I am the most evil maknae among all the idol group maknaes!
81. Kangin hyung sometimes hates me and Wookie because we like to bully him.
82. I just don’t love Starcraft, I AM THE STARCRAFT KING!
83. I don’t call Kibum and Ryeowook ‘HYUNG’
84. My heart is expensive. REALLY expensive.
85. I got upset on Super Junior Foresight once because they told me to wear a wig. I DON’T LIKE WEARING WIGS! I don’t want to get attention!
86. Kangin hyung & the others told me to listen to them everytime I put my EVIL MAKNAE switch on!
87. Once, inside the elevator, I pushed the wrong button so we entered the wrong room. I pushed the button for the 21st floor, instead of the 12th. >;)
88. I once told a fan, “Compared to you, I’m a genius!”
89. My english name is Marcus Cho.
90. I have lost 20 kilos after the 2007 accident.
91. For the first time I won against Teukie, Hyukie and Dongie hyung in dancing during an episode of Super Junior Foresight!
92. I will be impressed if the girl will pay for our food during our date!
94. I like to praise Siwon hyung, but actually, I am just being modest.
95. I once gave SungMin hyung a pink rabbit doll, but he hated it because I hugged it too much.
96. I once kissed Minnie hyung’s eyebrow because I want him to have a goodnight sleep, I did it because I’m not good at talking.
97. My fans go insane whenever I dance the pelvic dance in Bonamana. And I also have to slide during our Bonamana performance because walking is too slow.
98. Moments after the car accident occurred, Hyukie hyung came to me, held my hand and prayed for me. I like it when my hyungs worry about me.
99. I do love playing games, but once I have a girlfriend, she will be MY PRINCESS.
100. I am the one who lowers Super Junior’s average age, I am the best maknae ever, I am the evil maknae, and again, my name is CHO KYU HYUN.