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Friday, 24 June 2011

100 facts about kyuhyun

100 facts about kyuhyun

1. My name is CHO KYUHYUN.
2. I was born on February 03, 1988.
3. I am a Christian.
4. I graduated from KyungHee University.
5. I have one sibling, her name’s Cho Ahra.
6. I am the 13th member of Super Junior.
7. I am one of the main vocals of Super Junior.
8. I am the new dancing machine of Super Junior.
9. I have thousands of nicknames. GameKYU,EvilKYU, DramaKYU, VampireKYU, etc.
10. I like someone like Kim TaeHee noona.
11. I’m evil but my hyungs and fans love me anyway. :))
12. I have a big butt.
13. I am from Nowon, Seoul.
14. I love to play the clarinet.
15. I love Starcraft.
16. I am the most innocent person.
17. I am the maknae of the coolest boy band ever, Super Junior.
18. I am not a hyungwhore. The hyungs are ‘Kyuhyunwhore’.
19. I like Sung Si Kyung sunbaenim.
20. I once made a birthday wish to drop all the honorifics when I talk to my hyungs.
21. I am the master of every computer game, because I love them!
22. I am the third richest member of Super Junior. (I AM??? LOL!)
23. I am not a good cook but I like eating. Teukie & Kangin hyung taught me how but I still can’t do it.
24. I snore whenever I sleep.
25. My father wanted me to become a lawyer before.
26. I don’t play starcraft during my free time, I read books. I swear!
27. I love bullying my hyungs!
28. Sometimes, my butt feels like an eraser… very spongy!
29. It was rumored that I had a girlfriend named Park Haneul before.
30. I am sharp-tounged, witty, and sarcastic. Hell yeah, I’m evil \o/
31. DBSK’s Changmin is my bestfriend.
32. I am a genius!
33. One of my favorite movie soundtrack is “I believe” The OST for My Sassy Girl.
34. I am good at Mathematics.
35. My favorite Super Junior songs are “Believe” and “Disco Drive”.
36. My blood type is A.
37 Once, when I tried to fry ham, I added sesame oil instead of adding cooking oil.
38. I love Heechul hyung ‘coz he visited me everyday after the 2007 accident.
39. I played a character named D’ Artagnan in the Three Musketeers.
40. I am the third heaviest drinker in Super Junior.
41. I am handsome. I know it and I’m proud of it.
42. My father is the chairman of an association and my noona studies abroad.
43. I don’t only snore when I sleep, I also drool! LOL!
44. Before, I hanged my pants in front of my bed during Christmas eve, instead of my socks, because I want a bigger present from Santa.
45. Before my debut in Super Junior, I joined a singing contest and won 3rd place.
46. I have a glib tongue that no one can beat.
47. Jumong is one of my favorite dramas.
48. My favorite movie is “The Big Swindle”. And I also like the drama, “Lovers in Paris”
49. I play Stracraft, Diablo, Infinite Gaming, & Sudden Attack.
50. I love gelato and pizzas.
51. F(x)’s Victoria is my close noona.
52. I was bedless for 8 months in our dorm, thus the BED SONG.
53. The Hollywood movie, “The Greatest Game Ever Played” made me cry.
54. My motto is to “Not listen to others.”
55. I love wines.
56. I hate eating vegetables.
57. I love seafoods and pork chops.
58. I CAN RAP!!!!
59. I am Super Junior version of Kim Gura.
60. My female partner in gaming is SNSD’s Sunny.
61. I am the best gamer idol!
62. Sungmin hyung is my wife and is MINE!
63. I am an avid fan of SBS’ Secret Garden.
64. I had an accident in 2007, but it doesn’t matter now because I’m a strong man.
65. My Mandarin pronunciation is the best out of SJ-M members!
66. Aside from the clarinet, I can also play the Piano
67. I like Sung SiKyung sunbaenim’s “On The Street”.
68. I am also a member of Super Junior-KRY, Super Junior-M and SM the Ballad.
69. I don’t need to wear shoelifts. LOL!
70. I love snow!
71. I can’t speak English well, but my pronunciation is good!
72. I like Blue, Black and White.
73. My favorite Chinese word is ‘服務員’ (Fúwùyuán). It means ‘waiter’.
74. My father protected my dream of becoming a singer even if he was against it.
75. My Twitter account is @GaemGyu and my avatar is a cute purple egg.
76. Jal jinaenayo is also one of my favorite Sung SiKyung songs, I often sing it when I’m sad.
77. My mandarin pronounciation isn’t wrong. It’s Mandarin that is wrong. LOL!
78. I don’t tweet often because I’m busy bullying my hyungs.
79. Ryeowook hyung is the member that I love bullying the most.
80. I am the most evil maknae among all the idol group maknaes!
81. Kangin hyung sometimes hates me and Wookie because we like to bully him.
82. I just don’t love Starcraft, I AM THE STARCRAFT KING!
83. I don’t call Kibum and Ryeowook ‘HYUNG’
84. My heart is expensive. REALLY expensive.
85. I got upset on Super Junior Foresight once because they told me to wear a wig. I DON’T LIKE WEARING WIGS! I don’t want to get attention!
86. Kangin hyung & the others told me to listen to them everytime I put my EVIL MAKNAE switch on!
87. Once, inside the elevator, I pushed the wrong button so we entered the wrong room. I pushed the button for the 21st floor, instead of the 12th. >;)
88. I once told a fan, “Compared to you, I’m a genius!”
89. My english name is Marcus Cho.
90. I have lost 20 kilos after the 2007 accident.
91. For the first time I won against Teukie, Hyukie and Dongie hyung in dancing during an episode of Super Junior Foresight!
92. I will be impressed if the girl will pay for our food during our date!
94. I like to praise Siwon hyung, but actually, I am just being modest.
95. I once gave SungMin hyung a pink rabbit doll, but he hated it because I hugged it too much.
96. I once kissed Minnie hyung’s eyebrow because I want him to have a goodnight sleep, I did it because I’m not good at talking.
97. My fans go insane whenever I dance the pelvic dance in Bonamana. And I also have to slide during our Bonamana performance because walking is too slow.
98. Moments after the car accident occurred, Hyukie hyung came to me, held my hand and prayed for me. I like it when my hyungs worry about me.
99. I do love playing games, but once I have a girlfriend, she will be MY PRINCESS.
100. I am the one who lowers Super Junior’s average age, I am the best maknae ever, I am the evil maknae, and again, my name is CHO KYU HYUN.

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